20 mai 2016

Etegami to change the world (a little)!

La version française de l'article est déjà paru ici
English translation : Stephanie Daneels

This year, during the Japan Expo, at the Pigment et Art du Monde association booth, you will see etegami (image-message) with a strong intent: to change the world! The theme for the exhibition is “I’m doing what I can, for a better world” is directly inspired by the documentary Demain and the Colibri movement.
You wish to use your brush and heart for a radiant future? Now you can!

Send your contributions!

Etegami by Valerie Eguchi
To participate in the exposition, you only need to send your contribution to the association before June 30th 2016. Participating is very easy: send your etegami in the correct format (10 x 15 cm) before the due date and stick to the topic! Etegami, by nature, allow enthusiasts, who are not necessarily gifted in drawing and painting, to experience the joy of creating, drawing, sharing and most of all, to spread a message of life and hope..
If you wish to know more about etegami, I urge you to read this article (in French): http://etang-de-kaeru.blogspot.fr/2015/06/etegami-call-pour-etre-expose-lors-du.html
Here is the call to participation website (in French, Japanese and English): https://etegamicall2.wordpress.com/
You can send your contributions to this address:
Pigments et Arts du Monde/CO Valérie Eguchi
144 ter av de Verdun
92130 Issy les Moulineaux

One small step can change the world...

Deeply moved by the movie Demain, which offers practical solutions so our future is not the much heralded catastrophe it could be, Valérie Eguchi, artist and president of the Pigments et Arts du Monde association, has committed to this way of life and change. Besides teaching painting (nihonga, etegami...), Valérie works with autistic and handicapped people. She is fully aware of human diversity, the difficulties encountered by those who are different and discouragement with a social system that is often too inflexible and wants us to believe in our own powerlessness. Yet, at our own level, in our lives, it is possible to initiate something great to influence our future and give it a positive trajectory.
Etegami, through its simplicity and accessibility, sets up a virtuous path to express and communicate our own hopes, often with humour and tenderness. To express one’s creativity, even if we think we have no talent or skill, even when we think we have nothing to say or contribute, is satisfying! It also reminds us that action and movement start small, with a single gesture or intention. Doubting and accepting this world we resent as inevitable, that is a major source of sadness and frustration. In response, you too can dare to take up the brush and write!
Last year, many of our readers sent etegami. As I am volunteering at the association’s booth again this year, I will take great pleasure in seeing your creations in person!
As a matter of fact, as a teaser, here are some of last year’s etegami, based on the theme “welcoming summer”. Some were created by Virginie Blancher (graphic designer for l'étang) and by Céci, Hibi no Yorokobi’s always enthusiastic blogger.

To learn more about etegami and start practising:

Au dessus : Virginie Blancher, en dessous Morgane Quemper

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